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Xebra is not a car. It's not a motorcycle . - May 9, 2008
It's not much use in Ohio at all
"phone interview with a Cleveland newspaper"
Alan Fuller - ZAP Xebra owner
Posted by Robert Schoenberger
The Plain Dealer - Cleveland.com
Auto Fair Focuses On Electric Cars  - April 2, 2008
CONCORD, North Carolina
by Channel 9 TV - WSOCTV.com
interviewed by Ron Magnuson
1230 AM Radio Interview - February 22, 2008
Steve Isom / Gary Starr, Chairman ZAP / David Diamond 
interviewed by Frank Knapp
U Need 2 Know, 1230AM WOIC, 3-6pm Weekdays
hosted by Frank Knapp
streaming audio on

ZAP Electric Car Offers Zero Fuel Costs for One Year  - January 7, 2008
Market Wire Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge

Arnold Schwarzenegger  - December 27, 2007
ZAP Factory in United States
by Kristin Kloberdanz/Fresno
Time in Partnership with CNN
Brown Goes Green  - November 13, 2007
UPS to Use ZAP Electric Car and Truck Fleet for Delieveries
UPS/ZAP Photos  via Flickr(TM)
Green Living Expo teaches people to save money and energy -Nov 3, 2007
David Roper discusses an electric car at the Green Living and Energy
Expo at the Roanoke Civic Center. (PHOTO)
by Jeff Sturgeon
Roanoke Times
1230 AM Radio Interview - September 3, 2007 (Labor Day)
Steve Isom / Joseph Gottlieb / Dave Kasprzyk
interviewed by Frank Knapp
U Need 2 Know, 1230AM WOIC, 3-6pm Weekdays
hosted by Frank Knapp
streaming audio on

Moving Forward: Forget following trends 
-Julie Sharpe would rather set them - Summer 2007
by Laurie Vaughen, Manager Employee Communications
ONE - The Magazine for Unum Employees
Unum Corporate Communications  


ZAP has little zip, but less costly  - August 2, 2007
Erwin Gugolz - Xebra Owner
By Karen Shoffner Staff Writer
Digital Chicago Inc ., a subsidiary of Sun-Times Media Group, Inc.


1230 AM Radio Interview   - July 31, 2007
Steve Isom /  Dave Kasprzyk interviewed by Frank Knapp
U Need 2 Know, 1230AM WOIC, 3-6pm Weekdays
hosted by Frank Knapp
streaming audio on

Corbin Sparrow in South Carolina  - July 30, 2007
John Hubbard
Corbin Sparrow
More EVs in South Carolina
John Hubbard supplied Photos
location - Lexington, SC
Alt fuels & Hybrids in the News  - July 22, 2007
Go South Carolina
by Christine & Scott Gable
About.com is part of The New York Times Company
EVCarolina Announces First State Sales Tax Rebate for 100% Electric Cars
- July 18, 2007
Press Release - Cayce / Columbia, South Carolina  USA
 EarthTalk   MoneyCentral.MSN.com   Yahoo! Finance   EDTA   Forbes.com   Automotive.com   CNN Money.com  
Visit to ZAP electric vehicles  - July 17, 2007
by Henri Slettenhaar
Interview with Gary Starr & Brad Wallis
Video: Taking a ride in an electric car  - June 11, 2007
Erwin Gugolz - Xebra Owner
by Jon Hilkevitch
Chicago Tribune

Plug in and drive with electric car  - June 10, 2007
Teresa Hertz  - Xebra Owner
by Zoe Fraley
Julie Shirley - Executive Editor
The Bellingham Herald  


ZAP CEO: Electric Cars-Short-Circuit Polution  - May 14, 2007
Gregg Greenberg, Staff Reporter, TheSteet.com TV
Steve Schneider offers his plans for new electric cars.
TheStreet.com TV 


Catch the bug? - April 2007 (pdf)  (jpg) 
by Sue Duffy
Photography by Anne McQuary, "Hey Baby Smile"
Lake Murray - Columbia Magazine
Vol 2, No. 2 p. 50

Region takes part in Climate Action Day  - April 14, 2007
Organizers point to easy steps for cutting carbon dioxide
Dee Williams - Xebra Owner
by Diane Huber
The Olympian 
Zapcar Xebra, a truck of a different kind  - April 5, 2007
David Roper - Xebra Owner
by Tim Thornton
Roanoke Times
Some save at the pump by plugging in - April 4, 2007
Chuck Swackhammer - Xebra Owner
by Frank X. Mullen
Reno Gazette-Journal
Charge It: Nothing says Earth Day Like Electric Cars and Massive Potholes  - April 5, 2007
Mark Higley - Xebra Owner
The Pitch Kansas City
 5 Points - Brad Warthen's Blog 
 Video by Brad Warthen 
 Brads Blog Here 
 Posted March 27, 2007
ZAP Into The Future!  - March 21, 2007
by Sandra Crider & Stephanie Spigner
Tidbits of the Capitol City
ZAP Xebras in Montana - March 16, 2007
Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer
takes stand to make Montana
an EV Friendly State
Richard and Rachel Weaver supplied Photos
location - Bozeman, MT
Montana Governor Supports EVs
 EVCarolina and Sirria Club Display Electric Car  - March 17, 2007
 Steve and Julie Isom display ZAP Xebra to +38,000 in South Carolina
 Sponsored by South Carolina Energy Office & Sierra Club

Is electric automobile perfect second car?  - March 15, 2007
Erwin Gugolz - Xebra Owner
by Ken Goze, Saff Writer
Northbrook Star, Member of the Sun-Times News Group


 Green Trust Fund Places Order for 40 ZAP Xebra Electric City Cars  - March 5, 2007
 Source: EVWorld / ZAP


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